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I promised myself as a child if I achieved my dream of making it in the NFL, I would use my resources to give back to the community. It’s not ok that there are still children in the world who don’t know where their next meal is coming from. It’s not okay that there are still children in the world who don’t know where their next meal is coming from. It’s not okay that there are still communities without clean water. We have been so blessed, and we want to use what we have been given to help others. Food for the Hungry invests in communities and helps them become self-sufficient, and that’s something Gloria and I believe in wholeheartedly and want to help make happen.

What We're Doing

As a FH Champion I want to help my fans learn more about what Food for the Hungry is doing and help them get involved in changing the world. As much as I love football, there are more important issues going on around the world, and I want to band together with my fans and NFL fans in general to end poverty with Food for the Hungry.

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Every donation is important, no matter the amount. Food for the Hungry maximizes each donation for its greatest impact. They don’t simply fix short-term issues, one-and-done. They invest time and resources into communities around the world to help them establish sustainable change and eventually lift themselves out of poverty.

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Meet Michael and Gloria

Gloria Thomas

Gloria Thomas is the wife of New York Giants safety Michael Thomas and mom to their two-year-old daughter, Genesis. She and Michael support many different causes to give back to their community in Miami and people around the world, such as advocating for Food for the Hungry as well as hosting free football camps for children. She is passionate about using the blessings God has given her to bless others, investing her time and resources to help those who need it.

Michael Thomas

Most people probably know Michael Thomas as a safety for the New York Giants, but he's much more than a football player. He's also a college graduate from Stanford and recently received his MBA from the University of Miami, a rare feat in the world of professional sports. Thomas is open about his faith and relationship with God, and believes strongly in using his platform to give back to others. Aside from his work with Food for the Hungry, Thomas is a key part of the First Step program in Fort Pierce, Fl., which works to build relationships between children in the community and local law enforcement. Fort Pierce awarded him the key to the city for his efforts. He also supports Big Brothers Big Sisters and hosts free football camps in his community, for which he was honored with a congressional recognition award from Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee. He and his wife, Gloria, live in Miami with their two-year-old daughter, Genesis.


The goal of FH Sports is to Provide a Voice for the Voiceless by partnering with professional athletes in all sports. Our staff is devoted to walking with professional athletes and connecting with their existing passions to help the most vulnerable people throughout the world.

FH Champions believe we can make a difference. We are a team of change makers. We leverage our goodwill, audience and expertise to do good.

About Food for the Hungry

At Food for the Hungry, we believe in the fight against extreme poverty. We have worked since 1971 to serve the most vulnerable people on earth through purposeful relief and development. Our methodology is informed by our Christian beliefs that every person has intrinsic value and that it is our responsibility to advocate for the poor and the marginalized.

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